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DISKKeeper is a disk cleaner tool, with an intuitive and user friendly interface
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9 January 2009

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There is a good chance that some files present in your PC are redundant and they may also take up a lot of space on your hard disk thereby affecting your PC’s performance. Though removal of such files is necessary for optimization of your PC, but their cleaning process often is tedious as you need to browse through various folders and hidden files to search for such files. What if you get an assistant that would make it rather easy for you to find and delete the unwanted files? Well you can try out the DISKKeeper 1.0.3, which gives you a simple browsing interface to search, select and delete unnecessary files from your PC. It effectively grabs all the files and folders from your system for the process and allows you to delete, move, copy, or open each file in file view list.

The DISKKeeper 1.0.3 sports a neat interface that displays the files/folders in an expandable view on left with explorer placed on right. The users easily can get familiar with the program features with minutes and can begin the search by exploring the drives along with their files and folders. You can view the containing files in the right browser area, where you can use open, explore, select all, copy to, copy to clipboard, move to, and delete features to perform relevant at functions. The list of files that you get in the browser can be saved with html format before deletion. For further functioning, different functions are provided on the Toolbar. Exploring the functionality of toolbar options, the refresh sign is to refresh and load the files of a directory. The folder icon option helps in finding files from specified folders or specific folders and sub folders. Next button is for displaying a menu with Favorites folders for adding the selected directory to Favorites. Select the files and click delete. Further, you can even select advanced filters according to size, file type, creation date, modified date, and last access.

The DISKKeeper 1.0.3 supports its users to explore different folders and files to search for non-required files that are uselessly occupying space on their system. The program earns a score of 2.5 rating points for its effective functioning and its average rating can be attributed to its limited functionality and lack of sophisticated features.

Publisher's description

DISKKeeper is a software program for the Windows platform with the purpose to help users find the files that take out unnecessary disk space and delete or move them to another destination where can be better used. Combining a classic user interface with folder and drive browsers in right and the files along with other information about the files in the left side of the screen and the good looking aspect of a modern interface makes DISKKeeper very easy to use and to get familiar with. The user can delete, copy, move, open or copy to clipboard each file that is in the file view list. If the user decides to apply one of the options to multiple files the program will display a status for the operation with a progress bar and a percentage completed from the operation. If for some reasons the files can't be moved/copied/deleted the program will skip these files and it will continue to the ones that it can copy/move/delete and at the end of the operation it will show the user the files that could not be moved/copied/deleted and the user can retry to copy/move/delete all these files at once. There are also filters to display the files recursively from a folder, to show the folders in the list with their sizes or to show files with a specific value of an attribute.
Version 1.0.3
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